Vegan & Natural Ingredients

No Harmful Chemicals

We carefully formulate every product with natural ingredients without harmful artificial chemicals or animal byproducts.


No Animal Testing

We do not test on any animals. We only source from suppliers who also guarantee to not do any testing on animals. We do employ animals… Like Basil, our warehouse cat who keeps our team’s morale up.

American Made

Made in Nashville & Seattle

Everything is made in-house in Seattle, WA and Nashville, TN. We like to craft the entire experience for you from product formulation to packaging to distribution.



Made naturally with carefully sourced ingredients for people who care about what they use on their bodies.

We care, too.

Our Blog

How to Detox and Switch to a Natural Deodorant
October 07,2017

So you’re ready to make the big switch. You found reasons to make the move to natural deodorants and now you’re ready to give up the deodorants with strange, potentially toxic and/or dangerous ingredients. You want to be confident in your underarms. We know the feeling. So we’ll start with the hard part: Sweat is […]

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Is Aluminum in Deodorant Harmful?
September 26,2017

A debate has been raging for years over whether aluminum in deodorant and antiperspirants is harmful to human health. Some studies have found that deodorants are perfectly safe with aluminum in them, while others say that there are harmful effects of deodorant that should make you wary. This is not just an internet debate where […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Natural Deodorant
September 25,2017

Thе mаjоritу of mу life wаѕ spent struggling with асnе, eczema, рѕоriаѕiѕ, migrаinеѕ and аutо-immunе iѕѕuеѕ. Evеn thоugh I worked in thе bеаutу induѕtrу, I nеvеr thоught mу issues соuld bе trасеd tо the creams, ѕрrауѕ and роwdеrѕ I was dousing mуѕеlf with еvеrу dау. Thеу mаdе me look аnd ѕmеll gооd, how соuld thеу […]

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