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Picture Perfect Face Serum

This all natural serum is specially blended to clarify and moisturize your skin, while brightening it and smoothing out fine lines.

Even those with sensitive skin or oily skin can use this. The oils in it are extremely light and actually trick your body into producing less oil, while still keeping your skin moisturized and soft.

The serum contains rosehip oil, which is touted as being the miracle oil of Victoria's Secret models and actresses alike.

Jojoba oil is also in the serum, known for helping with breakouts and having fantastic skin-strengthening and renewal properties.

The magical ingredient, however, is the tamanu oil. Click this link to read more about the fantastic qualities of this awesome oil: http://www.crunchybetty.com/tamanu-oil-for-acne‎

There is a specially blended combination of essential oils in the serum that help with mature skin, have anti-aging properties, and help soften and smooth out fine lines and clear up spots. Some of these include neroli and carrot seed essential oils.

Comes in a 1 oz frosted glass bottle